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At CryoLabs, we’ve been providing cryotherapy to the public for over half a decade, with a range of success stories coming from our clients. Our cryotherapy treatments have seen a range of positive results, spanning from helping with injury pain, to improving recovery times and reducing skin wrinkles. 


"Ian, Chris and the team at Cryolabs have been a fundamental aspect of LTFC recovery strategies throughout the 22-23 season. With the congested fixture schedule due to world cup break and the nature of the championship, ensuring optimal recovery processes are in place is integral. The team at Cryolabs have been on hand to support at every opportunity both at pre-match at training ground and post match at away hotels, ensuring are players are recovering to the best of their abilities. We have been able to play at a high physical standard and maintain good availability rates, as well as quick turn arounds during periods of rehabilitation - Cryolabs have for sure played their part in this process. Thanks from everyone at Luton Town."

Jared Roberts-Smith, Luton Town

"We have regularly used CryoLabs’ services over the last 12 months since the club reaped the rewards of their Cryotherapy sessions during the League Two play-off fixtures last season and throughout our League One campaign this season. We typically would book the sessions the day before fixtures, leading to players sleeping better and feeling fresher on match days. We have seen reduced match day soft tissues injuries this season and we consider the Cryotherapy sessions as being an important factor to this finding. Ian and his team of staff are excellent, efficient and build great rapport with our players and staff. They deliver a streamline, professional service whenever they are on site. We look forward to continuing to work alongside them going forward."

Mike Hine, Port Vale Football Club Limited

"I’ve had chronic neck pain for 2 years….
Tried this and even after one session have gained relief finally…
A friend recommended this for me as he had great results for his back.
I haven’t felt this good in 2 years.
Thank you Ian"

Chris Carter

"Totally, absolutely recommend CryoLabs - its amazing, been trying to go as much as possible, hip much better, knee problem totally cleared up, thought I needed another Cortisone injection, but hurrah, I don't! All this as well as feeling just fabulous and zingy when you come out. Improves your mood, skin, aches and pains. What's not to love. Give it a go. Really friendly vibe as well."

Jo Tatham

"I have non union bone fractures that did not heal due to lack of oxygen. After just one session I cannot believe how much my movement and pain have improved. Feels miraculous. I feel so energised, slept for the first time in ages and feel incredible. So glad I discovered you and will be back for more."

Lollsie Smith

"Blown away by this treatment! Left feeling, refreshed and totally reenergised! The small niggles I had immediate felt better and my muscles felt loose, relaxed and mobile! Booked straight in for a return visit!! Highly recommend to all competitive sports persons!"

Jake Best

"Absolute Game Changer!
I have a number of underlying health conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Chrons, uveitis & arthritis in my hands & feet. Using CryoLab has been a game changer for me. It’s helped with all of my conditions. I recently had an operation, so couldn’t make it for a few weeks. The pain & discomfort ramped up & I couldn’t wait to get back. Things improved after just one session. There isn’t much help for people struggling with autoimmune conditions, finding CryoLab is an absolute blessing! An added bonus is the amazing, friendly people you’ll meet."

Louise Joyner

Want to give cryotherapy a go? You can book online today! There are individual sessions available, or you can even bring a buddy to experience the therapy with a friend! If you want more information, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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