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The CryoLocal is our new localised cryotherapy device.


Based on our own extensive knowledge and personal use of these devices in the medical and elite sports environments we have designed and built our own “State of the Art” device that beats anything else on the market in terms of design & build quality, performance capabilities and safety features.


With specific applications in Modern Medicine Solutions, Sports & Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation and Health & Beauty it is an extremely versatile device and very user friendly.


The device is easily manoeuvrable on its 4 wheels so can be moved between treatment rooms or areas within your training complex. It is very easy to use as it has more pre-set parameters than you could possibly need. You can choose between different body sizes and then select the part of the body to be treated all from the screen and then the software automatically provides the right settings for the treatment therefore obviating the need for the operator to “guess” treatment parameters.


The CryoLocal has various nozzles and attachments that are easily interchangeable and are used to provide better or easier treatment of different parts of the body (including for CryoFacials in the beauty sector). It is a great adjunctive treatment alongside whole body cryotherapy or as a stand-alone treatment where whole body cryotherapy is not available.


Although these devices should only be used by suitably trained medical or health professionals the CryoLocal comes with various integrated features that make treatments easy and safe for both the client and the operator. We provide all training and support that you will need to operate the device. We have also arranged a nitrogen refill service for you with a favourable pricing structure so that’s something else you don’t have to worry about.

For more information, speak to a sales representative or calling 01202 611201.
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