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Our transportable units come complete with a 3 to 4 player dual pre and main cryotherapy chamber, heated reception/changing area and technical rooms holding the required nitrogen vessel and electrical power supply all contained within our smart purpose built secure containers.  All a club requires is to provide an external 16 amp commando electrical socket to plug the supply line into.

Like all our chambers these are capable of operating down to -160C in order to realise the many benefits that exposure to such extreme cold temperatures brings in the treatment of a variety of medical and other conditions.


Targeted mainly for professional sports teams (but not exclusively so) transportable cryotherapy is generally for those who have made the decision that cryotherapy should be a regular part of their player welfare and recovery programme and wish to have the treatment available whenever they want to use it rather than relying on the availability of our mobile CryoVan matching their requirements.

Having access to one of our transportable chambers also gives a club the opportunity of running a chamber for themselves for a period of time (usually a season or half a season) to see how they get on before progressing to buying their own purpose built chamber.

They also provide flexibility for clubs that are making changes or improvements to their training facilities and as such are not ready for a permanent facility at this time.

We have a minimum hire period of 4 months but otherwise are extremely flexible and we can work with you to meet your specific requirements.

CryoLabs provides all logistics for the movement of the transportable containers on and off your site and arranges for nitrogen deliveries to occur when convenient and carries out all required training.

Past and current clients include football clubs in the English Premiership and Championship.


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