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Feel your body awaken as you step inside one of our clinical-grade cryo chambers, designed to allow for whole-body immersion. The chilled air swirling around you will reinvigorate your senses and wash away stress and pain, leaving you feeling refreshed inside and out. 

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Read on below!



CryoLabs emerged from a glaring gap we noticed in the cryotherapy industry. While other facilities were focusing on "spa-level" treatments, we couldn't help but feel that something was missing - professional medical-grade cryotherapy. Fuelled by our passion for the benefits of cryotherapy, we decided to dive headfirst into this untapped market.

In February 2018, we opened CryoLabs in Poole, Dorset. The amazing response we received pushed us to open CryoLabs Glasgow just one year later!

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to bring the benefits of cryotherapy directly to the athletes who needed them the most, which is why we introduced CryoLabsMobile during the mid-2019 / 2020 football season, when our revolutionary CryoVans hit the road providing professional level cryrotheapy to elite football and rugby clubs across the country. 

Word of our success spread quickly, and we now operate two CryoVans and three transportable container-based chamber, along with a third CryoVan and forth container Chamber in the works.

In 2023, we're planning to turn up the freeze factor even higher by opening two new clinics in Scotland and England. We hope we’ll see you there! 


We provide both whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) sessions and targeted localised treatments for specific areas of your body. We have fixed locations in Poole and Glasgow, as well as a variety of flexible mobile options. 


Whether you’re coming to us or we’re coming to you, our cryotherapy sessions will leave you feeling reinvigorated all the way through. 

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We have two well-established WBC facilities in Glasgow and Poole, Dorset. They’re the very first of their kind open to the public. 


WBC involves treating your entire body to brief but invigorating sessions of extreme cold temperatures. This cold triggers a cascade of positive physiological responses, resulting in a wide range of health and beauty benefits. It's an especially popular choice among athletes, who rely on it to ease muscle pain and accelerate their post-workout recovery. 


When you use our chambers, brace yourself for low temperatures of minus 135°C, an impressive 30°C cooler than what you'll find in most other facilities! This carefully reduced temperature creates the perfect environment to supercharge the benefits of cryotherapy. 


Only need treatment on one part of your body? Our high-end local cryotherapy machines allow us to target the specific area of your body that needs extra attention, making it perfect for those dealing with localised injuries. 

Unlike our whole-body cryotherapy chambers, which have set session times, our local cryotherapy machine can be booked at your convenience during our regular clinic hours. We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. This means you have the freedom to schedule your sessions at times that suit your busy lifestyle. 

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Introducing CryoLabMobile, where cutting-edge WBC is brought directly to your doorstep, training ground, or stadium!

Our purpose-built CryoVans arrives fully equipped and ready to go. With the ability to cool down to temperatures as low as -160°C, the van is prepared for treatments precisely when you need them. Everything you need is included in one comprehensive price, covering the rental of the unit, logistics to your desired location, protective clothing, and a highly experienced operator. 


Chill out whenever you’d like with our transportable cryotherapy chambers! 

Our transportable units are primarily targeted towards professional sports teams, although they aren't exclusively limited to them. They’re ideal for teams looking to incorporate cryotherapy into their regular player welfare and recovery programs. 

By choosing our transportable chambers, you can enjoy the flexibility of accessing cryotherapy whenever you want, without having to wait for our mobile CryoVan to become available.



CryoLabs is the UK’s only professional-level cryotherapy facility open to the general public. We use professional, clinical-grade chambers that mirror the kind used by professional sports clubs, including those in the English Premier League and the national Football and Rugby Federations, to bring you results that are second to none.


Our professional clinical quality indirect nitrogen chilled chambers operate consistently at minus 135°C, which is the optimal temperature for therapeutic purposes. This is unlike the more commonly found electrically cooled chambers, which can only reach temperatures between minus 80°C and 100°C. Research shows that lowering the temperature of the main chamber from -100°C to -130°C increases the benefits tenfold!


Direct nitrogen chilled “cryopods” have you stand directly in the nitrogen used to cool chambers. As it wouldn’t be safe to immerse your head or face, your whole body doesn't get to receive the benefits of the cryotherapy process. It is extremely important from a therapeutic point of view that the head (ie the brain) is immersed in the treatment too as this is needed to gain the reactions and release of endorphins you are looking to achieve. 

Our chambers are also cooled using nitrogen, but this chilling process occurs outside the chamber. As a result, only cold air enters the chamber, allowing you to immerse your head while breathing normally. This maximises the potential therapeutic benefits you can receive.


We offer steep discounts for the following people:

  1. Dorset Mind members

  2. Members of the military or emergency services (ID required) 

We also offer deals on multi-person bookings - bring one other person for our ‘Freeze With a Friend’ discount, or three others for our ‘Chill Out Party’ discount! 


Want to enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy long term? Save money with our CryoLabs membership packages! 

We have ten different packages for you to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that suits your needs and budget. We also offer discounted rates for couples, families, and disabled badge holders, as well as fantastic deals on multi-session bookings.

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